About Us

PASSION: It’s what drives us. It’s how we feel about each of our clients and their messages. It energizes our deep personal commitment to create solutions that touch your audience.
INTEGRITY: We deliver what we promise, and often much more. We get results and measure our success based on the success of our clients and their business growth.
QUALITY: We strive for it every day. It’s the expression of the quality of our knowledge, experience and innovative solutions. It’s the definition of our finished product.


Director/ Producer Joseph Hovsepian was born in 1973 in Iran. He started with event filming and editing at the age of 17. After dedicating three years of full time involvement in the Audio-Visual department of the AG central church in Iran, he found his interest and challenge in the field of cinema. Joseph studied Film & Cinema at Guildford Art School in England and since 1998 he has been working full time producing and directing commercials, infomercials, music videos and corporate videos. Soon after immigrating to CA in 2000, he founded the JFA productions (Joseph Film & Animation, LLC) and ever since has produced remarkable work for TV and Satellite stations, as well as his independent projects.
Some of Joseph's work include:
-2016 Producing/directing "I Forgive You" music video
-2015 Producing/directing "CLOSURE" movie
-2013 Producing/directing "A Letter From Prison" drama music video"
-2012 Producing "The Heaven & Hell" Theatrical play
-2011 "Under Magnifying Glass" producing Comedy TV series
-2010 "Encounter" TV series
-2009 "The Youth Road"
-2007 “A Cry from Iran” 12 times Winner of "Best Documentary award"
-2003 “The Tune of Nostalgia” Winner of "Best foreign movie" at WYSIWYG San Francisco film festival. Distributed in select theaters across America. A 105 minute feature portraying the journey of a refugee leaving Iran.
-2001 “The Prodigal Son”
-1998 “Crossing the Border of the Night” a feature drama (Mass distributed and screened at the Commonwealth Institute in London , also aired on SAT-7 & CBN channels)
-1997 "Nice Girls" Music videos (aired on ITV-UK Channels)




Director Andre Hovsepian was born in 1984 in Iran. His passion for film and media started from an early age. He had the chance to pursue his career in film when his family immigrated to the United States in 1999. After graduating high school, he began his studies in Film at Pasadena Community College. By the time he was 22 years old, he had already produced numerous successful music videos, youth related programs, short documentaries, and also assisted his older brother Joseph in the making of his feature film, The Tune of Nostalgia. In 2004 he joined the JFA Productions, and soon after started working on his father's documentary. As he says, "This is the most significant project I will probably ever work on, because it is the story of my role model and my inspiration"